trojh english springer spaniel puppy

Trojh's Shameless


english springer spaniel puppies

He's been named ...

Well, my intentions weren't to hold onto any boys from this litter,  but he remains homeless.  So he just may stay! 

He sure makes it easy though. 

Gallagher had an incident last month in his crate when he somehow managed to get his eyelid hooked on a bungee hook. I had to unhook his eye and immediately took him to Alma Street Animal Hospital. 

I couldn't visibly see anything wrong with the eye, but there had been blood so I had figured something on the inner eye was damaged.

Dr. Andrea gave him a full check, looked at me and said she didn't know how it was possible but it appeared it had only "stretched" the eyelid and he would make a full recover.  


English Springer Spaniels make the best travel companions...

Gallagher has enjoyed his fair share of car rides.  
He sure has taken to his "me" time and schmoozed his way into trips to town!

trojh english springer spaniel puppy
English Springer Spaniel puppies in ontario

A first trip to Petsmart with Gallagher gains him a new toy!

After his eye dilemma, I thought he deserved a treat so he got to experience Petsmart in Guelph for the first time! 

He socialized with other dogs and found his new toy Octopus.
was a hit! 

Gallagher has always been pretty cute 

How sweet was he at 7 weeks though? 

Little does this precious face know hes got some big shoes to fill, it's a good thing he has the attitude to go with it!

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