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Canadian Champion
Trojh's But first, Cocktails! 

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A Champion in just 4 days..

Chalice finished her Championship just like her brothers, undefeated in the classes in just 4 days of showing! 

She will be shown selectively in 2020 with a breeding planned pending her clearances.

Check back soon!

If she had a good side, this would be it :)

She was our pick from 4 weeks on, and has proven that our eye for a pretty puppy is pretty darn accurate!

Chalice is very attentive, often noticing the little things in the back year. 
Whether it a butterfly, baby bird or squirrels, she's sure to spot them.

This summer she caught a live baby bird.  She put it in her mouth and carried it around the yard.  All the while, I was yelling at her to "drop it".  She has the mouth of a bird dog thankfully and it was let go, unharmed.  Once its wings were dried, it was able to fly away with it's mother, who, at the time, was awfully angry.

Actually, come to think of it, the mother bird is the reason I noticed what Chalice had!

Mother birds are a sight to see in action! 

ontario english springer spaniel breeder