The beginning...

Krystal's admiration for English Springer Spaniels started as a kid showing in Junior Handling.  Her parents owned 2 unregistered Australian Shepherds and her desire to own her own Registered dog quickly became a need as her skills developed.
Krystal's grandmother originally introduced her to dog shows as she was a Rottweiler breeder herself.  Professional Handler Jennifer McAuley - and owner of Chrys-Haefen Golden Retrievers - occasionally handled for Krystal's grandmother.
 offer for Krystal to work off a Golden Retriever puppy from Jennifer arose and she jumped at the opportunity.  
Bacardi came home with Krystal but decided that dog shows were boring and his stubbornness kept him from ever achieving his Championship nor was he helpful to Krystal's Junior Handling career.  
Good thing he was cute, and made a great pet for Krystal, her 2 sisters and parents. 

Somewhere in the middle..

A couple years later, Krystal would take home an 8 week old Rottweiler puppy from her grandmother.  She would then put all of her time and effort into socializing, training and showing Kaos. 
Kaos would then be with Krystal throughout many of her firsts. 
Meeting Troy, our first house rental, car and house purchase, our first baby AND our first English Springer Spaniel! 

Pilot and our love of the breed..

Since the day we brought our first English Springer Spaniel home, our love for the breed has only flourished.  We have been given opportunities to include some well sought after pedigrees and our puppies are found throughout Canada and the United States.  

Our puppies are raised in our home, surrounded by the everyday noises that they will be expected to hear and see outside of our home when they are adopted at 9 weeks.  Our 3 young boys spend as much time as they can with the puppies and are an asset to Trojh English Springer Spaniels.  

Our foundation is strong - Our future is bright