Trojh English Springer Spaniels Members of the Canadian Kennel Club

We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and encourage our families to join too !  
Check out the Canadian Kennel Club online and see what the CKC can offer you

For the Love of Purebred Dogs is a great initiative started by CKC members in Canada.  Purebred Dogs are losing their appeal to the public with those that are not educated and are pulled into the "doodle" game.
Purebred Dogs of all breeds serve a purpose and we encourage anyone looking for a new puppy to venture to this website to explore purebred dogs and see what different breeds are about. 

Trojh English Springer Spaniels Ontario recommends Wheatley Wares

Wheatley Wares / Chris Christensen Grooming Products

English Springer Spaniels require frequent brushing and maintenance bathing.  Chris Christensen products are what we use for our dogs and we highly recommend CC's pin brush, boar brush, combs and their Spectrum 10 shampoo system.  
Check out what they have at the link above